I  have recently relocated in Swift Current, I was lookin for a change and I love this city. I was living the past 7 years in Calgary, where the music scene is fantastic. I write songs and do some covers, mostly traditional country music.

I started playing guitar and writing songs late in life - I raised/supported a family first and now I'm taking the time for myself to pursue songwriting. My friends and most of my relatives did not know I even owned a guitar and I never played in public until a few years ago. Only my immediate family had ever heard me sing and play.

Now I write and record songs, play at open mics and was playing gigs in Calgary and surrounding area and playIng in two bands. I  hope I can continue in Swift Current and find some musicians to play with.  I am having a great time and enjoying what life brings. 

I hope you enjoy my music, Thank you for taking the time to listen!